Bloom and Grow through Independent Learning

The online course for women wanting to grow a sustainable business - without regular live meetings and at their own pace.

Welcome to Bloom and Grow? Are you looking to get straight down to business? This version of our online course is for women who want to grow their business and simply need to get stuck in based on their own schedule.

We have seen a significant rise in women setting up their own businesses in the UK. Running your own business is fantastic – it helps you to live a flexible life, fitting work commitments around busy personal lives whilst boosting the local economy. But for many women, juggling the various roles that we have make growing a business a real struggle.

There is clear evidence that businesses that use a business coach and have support structures in place, have significantly higher growth success. This course helps you reach clarity around what your business is doing, why you are doing it and how to move forward - without the regular meetings and check ups!

Start the content when you're ready, and enjoy lifetime course access.

Is Bloom and Grow right for you?

If the answer is yes to both of the following, this course is right for you!

  • In business 12 months or more?

    Have you been running a small business, or a not-for-profit organisation, for at least 12 months?

  • Independent Learning style

    Would you like to grow your business but just looking to grab the content and integrate it at your own pace?

Are you ready to grow your business?

Join this course and grow your business sustainably at your own pace.

What's Included?

Bloom and Grow Modules

Module 1 - Goal Setting

Module 2 - Finance

Module 3 - Managing It All

Module 4 - Review & Noticing Fear

Module 5 - Marketing

Module 6 - Sales

Module 7 - Noticing the Blocks

Module 8 - Review & Prioritising

Module 9 - Public Speaking

Module 10 - Leadership

Module 11 - Funding your Business

Module 12 - Graduation & Growth

Bloom and Grow - Independent Learning is only £180.

If you have any questions or would like to chat about whether the course is right for you, please contact: [email protected] to arrange this.

How does it work?

At the Growing Club, we know how hard it is for women to get the support they need, to manage both the personal and professional parts of life. We understand that not everyone wants to meet up monthly and have other commitments that need to come first. With independent learning, you can just jump right in and get started in a way that suits you!

  • This course is completely self-directed, allowing you the flexibility to set your own goals and tasks at your own pace.

  • 12 modules of trainer-led video content, tasks and resources to help you learn the skills to grow your business.

  • Commitment free - Learn on your own schedule without keeping up with monthly meetings.

Core Skills

Improve your business skills and mindset to take charge of your future and streamline your business.

Hear what our students say...

Provides all the practical and emotional support you need


"An excellent experience that provides all the practical and emotional support you need to make your business a success. I am so glad I signed up for this course and I am very grateful to the growing club for making it possible. Thank you so much!

I would never have signed up for this course had it not been online. Being able to access the material in manageable bite-sized chunks enabled me to study quietly on my own. Talk(ing) to other human beings in regular zoom meetings enabled me to grow in confidence and I learnt to enjoy talking to the other ladies in the group."

Practical, useful, real, honest and supportive


"My favourite part of the course was the opportunity to focus on my own business on a weekly basis with prompts for thoughts and developments. Practical, useful, real, honest and supportive help to make your business (and yourself) flourish."

Helped me achieve my goals...


"I have found the Growing Club to be of great help and support. Jane is a brilliant tutor and mentor and is passionate about helping women to succeed in business. She is supportive and funny and the monthly sessions are informative and enjoyable. It is confidential and the support is excellent from Jane and everyone in the group. It has exceeded my expectations and really helped me to achieve my goals."

Pay with ease

Fantastic value for money, however you decide to pay.

Course Trainers

Bloom and Grow Trainer Nicola Garrett

Nicola runs a wellness studio in Lancaster offering massage, meditation, yoga and hypnotherapy as well as regular retreats and workshops. She is a trained NLP practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Massage therapist, Hypnobirth teacher, Doula pregnancy yoga teacher, Breathwork coach and Antenatal teacher - running workshops on pregnancy preparation, menopause and menstrual health. She tries to spend at least one month a year travelling or on retreat. With 7 children, Nicola homeschooled for many years, whilst travelling the world. After going through the Bloom and Grow course herself, Nicola has been training with The Growing Club for 3 years.

Bloom and Grow Trainer Katie Birks

Katie is a designer - focusing on branding, websites and book cover design. She works with authors and professionals alike, including: authors, writers, communications & PR, creative designer/makers and non-profit organisations. When she's not designing or creating, you can usually find her filling up her inspiration cup through travel, yoga and escaping into the world of film and theatre. Visit to find out more.

Growing Club Founder Jane Binnion

In 2016 The Growing Club CIC was founded by Jane Binnion. After 20 years as a youth and community worker and adult trainer, Jane was a single mum living on £80 a week ESA, because of a shoulder injury at work. Worried they were going to lose their house Jane had to find a way to bring in an income by working from home. She trained in social media and in October 2010 started her first ever business. Looking for peer mentoring herself, Jane started a group for female focussed business growth. Ten women signed up and that was the start of The Growing Club.