Roots and Shoots through Independent Learning

A new online course for women starting their own business, crafted and delivered by The Growing Club CIC.

This version of the Roots and Shoots course is designed for Independent Learning. It's created for women wanting to start any sort of business and who are looking to work at their own pace through independent learning, without the commitment to group or buddy meetings.

You may have a strong business idea but are unsure where to start putting it into action, or you may even be in your first 6 months of trading. This course is ideal for when you just need to jump right in!

Start the content when you're ready, and enjoy lifetime course access.

Are you ready to start your business?

Embarking on a business journey can be rewarding and exciting, learn all the tools right here in Roots and Shoots.

How does it work?

We've kept things simple to help you get the most out of this course. We cover a range of key topics including; gaining clarity, setting your initial goals, managing money, how to promote your business and sell your product or service.

  • This course is completely self-directed, allowing you the flexibility to complete the work at your own pace.

  • You are provided with course content videos and tasks to complete, accessible as soon as you sign up!

  • Commitment free - Learn on your own schedule without keeping up with monthly meetings.

What's Included?

Roots and Shoots Modules

Welcome to Roots and shoots

Module 1&2
Getting Clearer
Business Basics

Module 3&4
Ideal Client and Market Research
Finance Basics – with Christine Harwood

Module 5&6
Managing it all (self-care) and Looking after yourself - with Jane Binnion
Goal setting

Module 7&8
Branding – with Katie Birks Branding & Design

Module 9&10
Social media - with Jane Binnion

Module 11&12
Sales – with Jane Binnion
Presentation Skills
Next Steps

Amazing online price of £150!

If you have any questions or would like to chat about whether the course is right for you, please contact: [email protected] to arrange this.

Gain the confidence to start your business from a simple idea

We value

  • Self Care

    We believe passionately that we need to take care of ourselves. Building a business is never done in isolation and women especially have a number of other responsibilities, and that's why looking after yourself is key to a sustainable business and happy and healthy you! This forms a thread that runs through the course with some sessions devoted to exploring these important issues.

  • Business Skills

    Key to business is learning and understanding the tools and skills you'll need to support you in all the areas of running your business. This course guides you through the first steps, from a business plan, to finance, to marketing your business.

  • Set Your Own Pace

    We understand that not everyone has the ability to commit to monthly meetings or buddies whilst trying to set up a business and meet the many other responsibilities that are a priority in life. That's why we offer this independent learning course - to enable you to take in the content at your own pace and without the meetings.

Start your business today!

Get going with Roots and Shoots to build your tools for business.

Who is the course for?

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"The roots and shoots course has given me a toolkit to help me make my own business decisions. In addition to knowledge, I have gained some wisdom to actually think about why I am making certain choices. I think it has been invaluable to have time between sessions to allow me head space to process changes in perspective."


"I had a real shift in perception recently. I started of thinking 'maybe I could make this work as a business' to now feeling like a legitimate business woman! Signing up for the course solidified my commitment to myself, to make my business a success. It's really helped to talk to other women who have started businesses too, and hear about their experiences. I have finally arrived at what I am meant to be doing and I love it. I feel really enthusiastic about my business."

Course Trainers

Roots and Shoots Trainer Ginny Koppenhol

Ginny runs the Roots and Shoots course, providing training and support for women in the early stages of setting up their businesses. " It's such a privilege to be involved in others' journeys to self-employment". Ginny's own business is 'Ginny Koppenhol Photography'. She provides portrait photography services, specialising in family and business branding sessions. She also has a passion for delivering creative workshops using smartphone photography and animation.

Growing Club Founder Jane Binnion

In 2016 The Growing Club CIC was founded by Jane Binnion. After 20 years as a youth and community worker and adult trainer, Jane was a single mum living on £80 a week ESA, because of a shoulder injury at work. Worried they were going to lose their house Jane had to find a way to bring in an income by working from home. She trained in social media and in October 2010 started her first ever business. Looking for peer mentoring herself, Jane started a group for female focussed business growth. Ten women signed up and that was the start of The Growing Club.